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4 Reasons Why You Need To Repurpose Content

4 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Content

Creating content is like asking a magician to make a person disappear...and then reappear. It’s daunting, but possible. As a business owner or entrepreneur, your daily activities take more time than you have to offer, leaving little time for your digital marketing strategy. Although you’re an expert in your field, curating content ideas can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

The solution

The problem: You don’t have enough hours in the day to come up with new content ideas, and there isn’t enough time to consistently create new content.

The solution: Repurpose existing content. This simple answer will save you time, engage your audience, and educate your readers.

The goal of repurposing content is to expand your reach and boost your impact. To clarify, recycling doesn’t meant that you update outdated information. It involves modifying your message to better reach your ideal reader, or changing the format to be more appealing.

Advantage #1: Reach new people

You already have an established audience, but they come from a variety of backgrounds and will therefore respond differently to multiple approaches. Maximize how you reach your people by morphing one piece of content into a few different types.

For example, let’s say that you write a blog about a hot topic within your industry. The blog will be useful to some of your audience members, but others may prefer a visual like an infographic or short video. Varied content can also be used for buyers at different points in the buyer’s journey. Perhaps the blog targets existing customers with a call-to-action, but the infographic is best for attracting new customers to your brand from outside of your industry, and the video is used for gaining fresh clients from within your field. If nothing else, repurposing your blog maximizes all of the effort that your put into it!

Advantage #2: Reach new people in your target audience

Transforming one piece of content into a handful of forms is another way to capture people at every step of the buyer’s pathway. Certain people are just beginning their research while others are ready to purchase. Your goal remains the same: to attract, delight, and convert. But your approach will be diversified depending on the particular stage and the specific needs and preferences of those in that place. That’s why another advantage of repurposing your content is that you work will better reflect the buyer’s journey.

Advantage #3: Refocus your brand

If every piece of your content exclaims the same message, your brand will be refocused, consistent, and intentional. This will maximize your reach, boost retention, and make your business appear trustworthy. Not to mention, when you share your story in different ways, your buyers will be better connected to you.

Advantage #4: Save yourself time and money

You already know how long it takes to create content. Once you write that blog or gather that data, the hard work is already done. Finding creative ways to repurpose that information will save you time and money. Plus, your goal is to produce quality content that is useful for your audience; if a blog article is helpful, then an infographic with the same details will also be helpful. Save yourself hours and dollars by transforming your existing content into other formats.

Remember that it’s about quality, not quantity

Speaking of goals, don’t forget that your business exists to produce valuable content. You’re more than just a body filling a calendar or a person reaching a quota. No need to continually reinvent the wheel; why not use the ideas that you’ve already mastered?

How to repurpose your content

In case you can’t tell, repurposing content is an excellent idea for your business! It’s advantageous for your audience, economical for your company, and the next step you should take. Need inspiration? Get started with these ideas:

  • Take a popular blog and make it into an infographic.
  • Compile a few blogs into an email series.
  • Pull small segments from a video for social media posts or video advertisements.
  • Promote a video on social media.
  • Use images from a blog or stills from a video as a social media graphic.
  • Assemble blogs of the same topic into a digital download.

Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list. Get creative by recognizing which types of content your target audiences prefer and analyzing your most-viewed content. Everything that you publish should be useful and attractive to your audience while solidifying your brand.

Happy repurposing!

Not sure where to begin? Need help deciding which types of content your audience prefers? Our content creators are here to help! Fill out the form below so we can take a look at your portfolio and begin transforming existing content - saving you time and money!

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