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Who Are Millennials, And How Can You Attract Them To Your Business?

Have you considered how your marketing efforts impact millennials? Whether you’re an expert in your industry, a recent startup, or a budding business, your audience includes the commonly misunderstood generation of millennials. Why? Because millennials comprise more than a quarter of the population.

Who are millennials?

Millennials are the section of the population born between 1981 and 1996, according to Pew Research Center. Here are a few fast facts about these young adults:

  • Aged 23-38 (born 1981-1996)
  • They grew up during the rise of the internet and have continuously adapted to the emerging flux of new technologies
  • Experienced a healthy economy during childhood, with a decline as they grew older
  • ⅓ of millennials have a bachelor's degree
  • Their average income is roughly $35,000 per year
  • Most get married in their late 20s
  • 59% of Millennials describe the people of their generation as self-absorbed, 49% claim that they are wasteful and 43% say they are greedy

What do millennials value?

Millennials are not hard to please; they simply want to be set apart from others, given special treatment, and desire for you to meet them where they are. (Okay, maybe they are a little hard to please!)

Looking to show millennials that you care? Try implementing these tips into your business strategies and marketing plans:

  • Provide essential information about your business online. If you don’t include the basics, they won’t give you another second of their time.
  • Share a catalog of useful info (even if it’s unrelated to your business). Millennials spend large amounts of time behind a computer or on the cell phone, and this is where they will discover you. You’re deemed more trustworthy if you care about their interests instead of pushing them to buy something.
  • Speaking of being pushy, don’t go old-school salesy on them. They crave genuine and personalized marketing, not generic cold calls, door-to-door marketing, or a boring flyer in the mailbox.
  • Maintain a presence on the latest social platforms. This may seem overwhelming, but millennials often show up on the newest apps, and so do the organizations that they’re interested in. If you want to grab their attention, meet them where they are and give them something to talk about.
  • Post often on social media sites. It’s commonplace for millennials to ask their friends what products they’re buying, who they’re following, or what companies they are into lately. Your social media can help you be a name they drop on the regular in conversations.
  • Give back. Millennials advocate for social justice and aspire to participate in helping others. They’re more likely to lock arms with you if you’re passionate about helping others too. Donate a portion of your sales to needy children; collect donations for a local food pantry; allow customers to give extra money to raise funds for an international mission. Don’t forget to share pictures, videos, and stories about your humanitarian efforts!
  • Involve influencers. Remember how millennials are online, and so are the people they follow? Snag those people into your sphere to gain the attention of millennials.
  • Post videos. As time progresses, millennials watch more and more videos. Don’t have a video on your social media profile or website? You may be missing out on their business. Start with something small, and expand to live videos or webinars.

How can you attract millennials?

Millennials are young(er), energetic, and interconnected. They share their lives publicly online. They are word-of-mouth advocates for popular brands and new products. They spend a significant amount of time on the internet. They desire to serve, give back and help other people.

Communicate with this inspiring generation online through your website, social media posts, helpful information (even if it’s unrelated to your business), and videos.

Regularly interact and engage with this population of consumers via social media, live videos, or personalized emails. Remember, they want to feel special and unique. A generic response won’t satisfy but a customized message (from a real person) will.

Do millennials make up a large portion of your customers? Are you wanting to target an area of your marketing efforts toward this generation? Our MindShift team includes marketing experts, plus an inside perspective on millennials. Fill out the form below so we can modify your strategies, gain the attention of millennials, and transform you into a business that they can’t stop talking about.

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