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3 Ways to Incorporate Customer Reviews Into Your Online Marketing Strategy

Does your small business ask customers for an honest review? Or are you lucky enough to have loyal customers leave a review without your request? Maybe people have made comments on your social media page or rank your stars on Google?

Customer reviews are important, and they’ve become a new form of content marketing. Content marketing typically educates a buyer pre-purchase; it’s persuasive. In contrast, customer reviews happen post-purchase and express their customer experience. 

Now you can link client feedback to content marketing by incorporating it into your online strategy.

1 - Repurpose reviews into social media posts

The most obvious way to use customer feedback is as social media content. Their direct words add credibility to your expertise and apply knowledge to your experience. Gather reviews from your website, emails, surveys, Google, social media, or similar platforms. If you don’t currently ask customers for a review after their purchase, be sure to establish that pathway! 

Incorporate reviews into your social media strategy by simply pasting a client’s quote into a new post or graphic to share. Make sure to use direct quotations, which feel trustworthy to readers. Attribute the review to a client using their first name and last initial (assuming you have permission to use their words).

However, don’t constantly toot your own horn (although I know you’re awesome). It’s appropriate to post reviews weekly, or interspersed into your regular content. Stock a small collection in a spreadsheet and stick to your posting schedule. 

Don’t forget the benefit of live reviews too. Who recently tagged you on social media raving about your product? Give them a shout out or re-post their comments!

2 - Repurpose reviews into Instagram Highlights

Instagram is creeping higher and higher on the social media popularity scale. And unlike Insta Stories which disappear after 24 hours, Instagram highlights remain on your profile in a prime position under your bio. 

Create a dedicated highlight reel of customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback. Get creative with this repurposed content! Create some as images, others as boomerangs, and read others aloud in a video. If your reviewers are excited, you should be too! If they love your stuff, show them how grateful you are for them!

3 - Repurpose reviews into a testimonials on your website

The third, and easiest way, to incorporate reviews into your online marketing strategy is to have testimonials on your website. Your site can have a specific page filled with a portfolio of reviews. Or intentionally place client feedback on pages that correspond to that particular product or service. For example, place a quote on the Basic Package page from a happy customer who purchased your basic package.

People trust other people. Repurposing customer reviews will amp up your social media strategy and keep your website from being static. Allow your potential clients to read existing customer reviews, and they will be on the path to becoming your newest customer!


Do you have a backlog of customer reviews that have been collecting dust? Allow the words of your customers persuade potential clients. Contact us today so we can help you repurpose your client’s feedback. Fill out the form below to get started.


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