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4 Ways To Convert More Leads Into Customers Online

If you’re a businessperson in today’s modern world, then you’re familiar with the connection between digital customers and business success. If your business is in e-commerce, has a social media presence, is involved in digital marketing, or plays any role in web design, you need to do these four things in order to convert more customers online.

First of all, what’s an ideal target conversion rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that become customers. It’s the people who go from strangers to the familiar friends who purchase your products. You can further subdivide this category to include percentage of visitors who simply add something to their cart, those who use the coupon you sent, or the people who share their email address in return for a free ebook.

Let’s be clear, a business selling $10 popsockets isn’t going to have the same conversion rate as a company selling high-end technology. Likewise, a store that sends their weekly e-newsletter to 100,000 loyal followers will see more conversions than a small company who only markets through Facebook.

Basically, the conversion rate varies per industry. Here are some variables to consider what your conversion rate should be:

  • What type of product you sell, it’s average cost, and the typical order size.

  • Where your traffic flows from.

  • If someone purchases from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

#1: Spend time on the things that will grow your business

It’s easy to get burdened with the minutiae of daily tasks. Ask yourself: are these small tasks actually fostering the ultimate goal of accruing new customers and growing my business? The answer is likely a mix of yes and no.

In particular, what activities could you spend your time on that would attract new people and double your business? Take each individual persona and consider what you could do to double their business. Of course you could do one small thing to increase that client’s business by a few percent.

The brain does outstanding things when you allow it to dream big. And if you aren’t hunting down those ideas, they won’t simply pop into your head. Cease with the small tasks, become a visionary, and tackle the ones that will lead to big results.

#2: Understand the leads who aren’t converting

If someone discovers your website, product or service and doesn’t take your bait you need to start asking: “Why?” Why didn’t they act now, pay that price or purchase the full package? Thankfully technology can help you in this department.

Install a pop-up survey onto your website. Ask the basic question, “Did you decide to purchase [insert your product or service here]? Why or why not?

This survey will be a tool that launches you toward dramatic results in understanding why that lead didn’t convert, how you could have swayed them, and what to alter so that future visitors will decide to take action. No more guessing or assuming!

#3: Choose your words carefully

When you think about converting leads into customers, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t your words. In fact, the words you use to describe or persuade a customer may be a largely neglected area in your business. From emails to blogs to content to social media, your words should attract and woo your readers. And your CTA should be especially appealing.

Catchy headlines, easy-to-read and informative copy, and “of course I’ll click this button” CTAs are what you’re after to snag more conversions. It takes time, skills and patience to craft such effective writing, but it will deliver the results that you’re after.

Take some time to read and analyze the words of effective businesses. Observe how they grab attention with headlines, how they deliver clear and helpful information, and how they make it a natural progression toward clicking a button or making a purchase.

Here are some tips from one expert copywriter to another:

  • Remember that the helpful information you share with your reader should solve one of their problems.

  • After writing, draft as many catchy headlines that you can come up with. Narrow those down to two or three and test which one would receive more clicks.

  • Write emails to a specific buyer persona, which makes your writing more applicable and personal.

  • Measure your analytics for every piece of writing that you publish (emails, blog articles, social media posts, calls to action, etc.). Which leads me to point number four...

#4: Measure analytics and run user tests

If you’ve been in business for a few years, this should come as no surprise: measure analytics and run user tests. Those results will astound you, and also encourage you to make it easier to convert more leads.

Find someone (literally anyone) to participate in a user test. Ask them to complete various tasks, such as purchase a specific product, subscribe to your email list, or leave a blog comment. Watch as they fumble around on your website (or social media page) attempting to complete the assigned tasks. Kindly ask for their feedback, make the appropriate changes, and then run the same test again.

Analytics will be useful in a similar way. Test how long visitors remain on your site, which links or calls to action that are clicked the most, how many pages (and which ones) are visited, etc. Combining user tests with analytics will eventually allow you to analyze which elements of your website are impacting conversion rates.

Start converting today!

We reviewed the four ways that you can convert more leads into customers online:

  1. Spend time on things that will grow your business

  2. Understand the leads who aren’t converting

  3. Choose your words carefully

  4. Measure analytics and run user tests

Need help getting started with these four tasks? Our team of experienced project managers, psychologists, copywriters and analysts would love to help jumpstart your conversion growth! Fill out the form below so we can help you convert more leads into customers.

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