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How to Host A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign


The past few years have been monumental for digital marketing; brands realized the need to attract customers with their content instead of interrupting them. But unfortunately this led to an overflow of content, leaving some nuggets of gold buried in the masses.

If you want your content to shine like sunshine through a gap in the clouds, a strong and smart inbound marketing campaign is the key to success. Here are 3 adjustments to make when attracting leads, how to nurture them through a great brand experience, and to eventually convert them into paying customers.

1: Take Advantage of Digital Marketing Data

Data is king. Brands that use data will be positioned for growth, because data is the factor that allows you to gather and take action on meaningful insights about current customers and buyer personas.

What can you do with data?        

  • Collect data. If you’re not collecting data, yesterday was the time to begin! Gather information about your previous and current customers, including demographics, channels, and general survey feedback. Data should include things like:
  • Gender, age, location
  • Website or social media
  • Computer, mobile device, or tablet
  • CTA downloads, referrals, or web searches
  • Notice current trends, social media hot spots, competitor brands, and where your industry is heading for the future.
  • Comprehend the data.Once you have data, it needs to be interpreted. (Kind of like once you make cookies, they must be eaten!) Put the data into a context that serves your business; take those numbers and translate them into action steps. For example, Facebook, Google Analytics and HubSpot reveal how people interact with your social media page or website and offer suggestions for next steps.
  • Command the data. It’s time to take action on the data you’ve gathered and put into context of your business. Produce and schedule content based on the data. Test out different campaigns around the results. Rinse and repeat based on which efforts produce the best results.

2: Diversify Your Content

People are real human beings who grow, change and mature with time. They may read blog posts this week, but decide to only watch videos next week, yet they may listen to podcasts regularly.

Keep doing what works (based on the data mentioned in the point above), but experiment with expanding your content. After all, you want more of your content to be seen and heard this year!

  • Videos. Vlogs, stories, and live videos are no longer new…they are common. Which means if you haven’t tried out videos, you’re behind! Catch up with a simple Facebook live video or a simple Insta story. A mix of pre-recorded and live videos stamp a face and voice on your brand, plus provide viewers with a multi-sensory and memorable brand experience.
  • Live chat or chatbots. In case you haven’t noticed, people want answers to their problems 5 minutes ago. But they will settle for being helped right now, in this moment. Having a conjunction of live chat assistants and chatbots on your website or social media platforms will make your digital marketing successful this year.
  • Mobile-friendly content. Like videos, mobile-friendly content should be a given. So many people access the internet or social media site via phone or tablet rather than a desktop computer. Make sure all of your platforms are mobile-friendly! (Here’s our best advice about mobile responsive design!)

3: Stay flexible

Adopt a stance of agility. Be willing to adapt as the world progresses and the market shifts. One of the most common mistakes a brand can make is to remain the same. The constantly-shifting horizon of digital marketing means strategies and tactics are modified often (thus, inbound marketing). Your competition will grow with the times; stay agile so your brand can, too.

  • Don’t chase your tail. New platforms and technologies will sweep in like a summer rainstorm, but that doesn’t mean you need to dance in the rain each time. Don’t get swept up in the frenzy and feel the urgency to hop on every single insanely popular new type of social media. Consider it your target audience value it, and begin the conversation before altering your marketing campaigns.
  • Get to know your market. If you take the time to consider their issues, your products and services will be one step ahead of them, solving their problems before they realize how much they need a solution for the issue. Create paths for your clients to communicate these sentiments to you, including what motivates your buyers and keeps them coming back for more!
  • As you can imagine, inbound marketing requires continual testing. Try new products, additional elements to your brand (like growing more whimsical or becoming more formal). Try hosting events or webinars for your prospects. Spice things up, and your brand will have an edge over your competition.

What Makes A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound marketing harnesses the combination of data and content with ever-changing flexibility to draw in the right people. Remaining the same will drown you out among your competition. But fresh new ideas with continual analysis will open new doors for your brand and lead you to success.

Curious how you can apply inbound marketing tactics to your brand? Our business is all about shifting minds from the old to the new, from what doesn’t work to what does work, and from a stifled business to a thriving one. Fill out the form below so our team can assist you on the journey toward inbound marketing.