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How To Harness The Justin Bieber Effect In Your B2B Marketing


Have you ever caught yourself singing a song and wondered, “Why and I singing this?” 5 hours later when you’re still singing that same song, which has now become extremely annoying, you probably thought, “How did this song get stuck in my head?”

Who knows how it got there, but it’s probably encouraging you to do something. A country song will probably make you want to find your long lost love. A pop song could be all about gaining popularity. And a scream-o song could simply make you angry.

What does an annoying yet catchy song stuck in your head have to do with marketing? It’s all about the marketing funnel.

Be aware of the catchy song

The marketing funnel always begins with one word: awareness. Before a customer can consider selecting your product or service, they must know that you exist. After that point, they will progress through the buyer’s journey, becoming more familiar with your brand and developing trust as they move toward an action.

Awareness can be tricky. The main issue with awareness campaigns seems to be their association with mass marketing on a wide demographic and wasting money. Our present culture doesn’t respond to broad broadcasts. In fact, unsolicited marketing can be interpreted as pushy or annoying. It brings a negative reputation to your brand. Don’t worry, Justin Bieber is here to save the day.

The Bieber Effect

Justin Bieber’s music has an alluring way of getting caught in your mind. Actually, it’s so captivating that it’s called Bieber fever. The Bieber Effect is when you become the catchy song stuck in your prospect’s mind. And you do this by being present on the digital platforms where they spend their time.

Much like the military, today’s marketing world encompasses highly refined targeting capabilities. You can specifically spend your time and money amassing a specific campaign to your idea audience. You can play your tune over and over for the people who want to hear your music.

  • What problem does your product or service solve? Who has that problem?
  • Who needs your product and doesn’t yet know that it exists?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

As always, your music may not be attractive to everyone. Pay attention to your conversion rates. If you’re educating the right audience about how your products and services can solve their real-life problems, then a few of those prospects will snatch the bait.

Making music

In order to plant your memorable tune into your audience’s brain, you need to be making music.

Step 1: Find out where your prospects spend their time. Analyze where potential customers hang out on the internet, and consider which platforms your existing clients use.

Step 2: Compose a list of your next customers. Identify businesses who are an ideal fit for what your offer. Consider what “type of music” they are already listening to.

Step 3: Deliver the music. Focus your music (marketing) on the predetermined buyers that you want to target. Be specific and make your tune unforgettable.

Play your song on social media

Facebook is consistently the top social media channel for B2B marketing. Take advantage of personalized and relevant ads via Facebook to drive conversions. This is an ideal way to make your song appealing, just like Bieber’s music.

Play it again

By increasing your attention on awareness, you can reinforce your marketing messages and significantly improve your conversions. It makes sense: you’re targeting a specific audience with a product or service that will solve their exact problems. You’re playing the exact tune that they want to hear.

It will require some work, as every good musician knows. But when you’re on the road to success when gain loyal fans. Bonus: those loyal fans will love you so much that they will tell their friends all about you...which is another layer of your awareness campaign.

Take a bow

Your popular melodies are stuck in your buyer’s heads. Pretty soon you’ll be as big as Bieber and you’ll have a wave of Bieber Fever racing through your audience.

Not sure how to target an ideal client? Wondering how you can make your music more catchy? Allow our team of MindShift experts be your sound engineers and backup musicians. Find out how we can help you play your tune to the right audience in the best venue.

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