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Not Worthy - BS! We are ALL Worthy.

This makes me ponder…

hermozi-value“If you haven’t gotten what you want, then you’re not worthy of it.”


Is this reality from a place of being? 
Is this reality from a place of lack of skills/resources/energy?
Is it both?
Is it something else?

Value and worth affect the majority of the population. 
We feel we have to prove ourselves. 
We overcommit to prove we are valuable. 
We make promises to do and give just to be valuable. 
We work and work and volunteer to please and get others to value us and see our worth. 
And it’s all BS. 

There is no such thing as the perfect person. There is only you being perfectly you. We are perfectly designed to each be the unique design we are, nothing more. AND. We can definitely be less. We can diminish ourselves by hiding our strengths and by self-sabotaging. We can introduce jealousy and comparison leading to doubting ourselves and the greatness we are. 

True value and worth come from a state of being.

It is about self-love.

When we accept what is for what it is without conditions we find our truth. We then can appreciate and love ourselves completely.

I love myself and am grateful for myself. Yet, there are some dreams and “desires” that haven’t come. I recognize why, and it is a powerful reminder of my choices. I have not chosen those dreams yet, obviously, because I know the instant I choose, the dreams take life and come. 

Traveling and living around the world was a dream from childhood, and it didn’t happen until I fully chose it. Once I made the choice to live this dream, everything fell into place, and two months later, we put our stuff in storage and took flight.

I am currently birthing a dream that has simmered for a bit, and I love watching the pieces come together.

IT IS happening because I AM worthy of all that God created in me and I choose my dreams.

No question. No doubt. 

I have always been worthy of what I desire, I just haven’t always made the choice to allow what I desire to be alive in me.

So, Alex, saying, “If you haven’t gotten what you want, you are not worthy of it,” is not okay; it is a perspective. We have enough people struggling with value and worth to add this belief to their baggage.

According to the Science of Differentiation, about 70% of the population has an open ego center. These people, when in their shadow side, are heavily invested in proving their value and worth. (ask me how I know. 😜 I am one of those, and over the last 8 years or so, I have been conscious that I have nothing to prove and that my value is solidly in me being me! crap. Doesn't that sound like I am proving myself? Ugh. Such a cycle. And so it is...always a process of awareness and making my highest choice.)


You can find out if you have an open ego center by downloading our free Human Design Bodygraph.

Here are some examples of our clients who have struggled with value and worth and how they shifted into a higher choice and a fulfilled life.


The CEO of a $50M corporation continuously felt unworthy of his position. He questioned his leadership and felt his value was connected to how his employees thought of him. He was torn up when employees put him down or questioned his role as the leader of the corporation. His personal lack of self-love and value was creating a negative effect on the executive leadership, and then it rippled down to the employees. Team cohesiveness and efficiency were dropping. Psychological safety and job security were unstable.

After working with us for a few months, things shifted as he got connected with himself and his true role. We continued to work with the executives and employees and established psychological safety and effective communication within the company. The employees brought that energy home to their families. A truly positive ripple effect was created by one person (and eventually all contributed their own ripples) finding their truth and value in themselves.


A middle-aged mom desired to leave her current career. She felt overwhelmed with the responsibilities and obligations of her current position, her children wore her out, and she had lost her desire to connect intimately with her husband. She felt selfish just considering taking a different path, but she desired to be her own boss and to do something different with her life.

In our work together

  • She came to realize that her value wasn’t tied to her job, her role as a mom, or her role as a wife.
  • She let go of the restraints and conditioning of her childhood religion and parental expectations.
  • She chose herself and her joy.
  • She launched her new business with passion and met her goals for success then she quit that job that had weighed her down.
  • She embraced a big fear and in doing so found a new passion and community.
  • She continues to thrive at home, at work, and now (added bonus!) in the bedroom. 😈😍


A partner in a startup was struggling with his team. His expectation was that the team had the drive and ambition that he embodied. The team members each had potential and he had hired for potential. The problem was that they didn’t know their value, and they felt unworthy of the opportunities, so it was a cluster as they stumbled around together self-sabotaging. In addition, he saw other leaders as people who were successfully leading teams and scaling their businesses and he assumed they had the secret sauce or solution he was missing. He would pivot to try on their way of doing business or marketing offers or making sales.

The end result was that the partner was frustrated and felt betrayed, and the team members felt in quicksand and confused by direction. No one understood what was happening, and things started to crash and burn.

After much internal work, he restructured his team and the company. Then he repeated the cycle again and again until he understood the truth and value of being himself.

The partner eventually learned these 2 lessons:

  1. We can’t give an opportunity to someone who hasn’t earned, embodied, or chosen the opportunity. Doing so increases their imposter syndrome and their questions of value.
  2. We are uniquely designed to be successful, and what works for one person may not work for another.


We had a young entrepreneur client who had reached his business goals very young, in his early 20s. He hit his upper limit and began to self-sabotage. His company was a mess, his team was taking advantage of him, and he was popping pills to stay awake and make work happen.

He felt the drive to reach a new pinnacle and yet was heading in the opposite direction.

He said repeatedly, “I have to work hard and make million-dollar sales to prove I am worthy to this company.”

In our sessions together, we brought awareness to his state of being and the choices he was making. We showed him his blueprint and operating system for living his life aligned with how he is designed to be. He is now 27 and is starting in his Saturn return, which brings about a lot of life changes and opportunities to sabotage or make a higher choice. We are patiently watching as he shifts through the conditioning of his childhood and his desire to prove himself into the integrated man he is. 


We integrate multiple modalities into our work with clients who desire to rise to new heights. One system we use for every client is The Human Design System, aka The Science of Differentiation. Human Design is a person's user manual and operating system and each person's blueprint is unique. This system allows us to curate a program that fits exactly what the person requires to rise up!

Get your FREE Human Design Overview Report today and let me know if you have an open ego center.


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