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Welcome To Parenthood: How To Raise Your Content Like You Raise Your Kids


Kids come with loads of stuff (diapers, toys, car seats, socks, crumbs, etc.), and marketing is no different. Content is the “stuff” that engages your consumers. It can be text, images, videos or other materials. Essentially, your content is everywhere that your business is! ...Funny how your kids tend to be everywhere that you go, too!

Digital marketing is a prime spot for content, and you can curate content specifically for online locations: social media, website, online advertising, digital branding, or search engine optimization.

However, creating and using digital content isn’t the end of the story. There’s more to your job! One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is allowing yourself to believe that your content doesn’t need to grow up.

Congrats! You’re a new Mom/Dad!

Creating content for a website or digital campaign is like being a Mom or Dad to that piece of content. Naturally, you will want to give all most of your attention to your new little one. Once your baby is born, you track his/her growth and new skills. A baby matures in length, weight, social skills and verbal skills.

Likewise, now that your new content is out there on web pages, in emails, or on social media, you will want to see how well it is performing. How does content “grow”? You can track key areas that define success according to your business. This may look like views, clicks, conversions or shares. Remember that your business is most likely to generate leads by enticing your readers to engage!

Keep track of the areas like a Mama logging her baby’s weight progression or first words. Sometimes there is room for improvement, which means change is necessary. A baby might need help building it’s muscles to sit up, and your content may need to be amplified with more advertisements or social shares.

Look! Your baby is taking its first steps!

It’s the moment of every Mom and Dad’s dreams: your baby takes its first steps! Your infant is literally morphing into a toddler with every step. In the same manner, your digital content should help your consumers navigate where they need to go. Hold your baby’s hand step-by-step, and guide your content marketing with a broader audience, new facts or information, improved copy, and fresh visual materials.

Toddlers can either be absorbed in one activity for hours, such as perfecting the art of climbing out of their crib, or their attention spans are that of a goldfish, approximately three seconds. Think of your content in the same manner: it either holds the attention of your audience, or it doesn’t. Be relevant to what your paying customers want and what potential clients are searching for. Observe the trends (climbing out of the crib everyday after nap time, or viewers watching more videos than reading blogs).

Your child may fall out of the crib a few times (hopefully uninjured except for their pride!) and your content may also fall down a few times. That’s okay, normal and expected! Creating effective and relevant content requires time and practice.

Savor the moment because the days are long but the years are short.

As you toddler and your content start to mature, you’ll become attentive to the changing world around you. Kids adapt to their growing bodies, and your content will likewise adjust to the progression of technology and changing consumer behaviors.

If your toddler struggled with adaptation to their environment, you would make some modifications to help smooth the transition to being a big kid. Do the same with you content; it can’t remain a baby forever. Protect your budding content from failure by editing existing copy or crafting new materials to reach your audience at exactly the right moments.

Aww, you baby is all grown up.

Grab the tissues. Your baby, and your content, have grown up to be a great success!

Your advertisements attracted your audience with captivating emotions.

Your website informed those who were searching.

Your images revealed exactly what consumers needed in that particular moment.

Your videos answered future questions that potential customers may experience.

Your articles shared valuable information that assisted both new clients and existing customers.

Don’t stop loving your kids and being the proud parent of your work!

Continue to create and implement effective content. (Keep having and/or raising your kids, no matter their age.)

Utilize a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. (Use discipline and healthy parenting techniques.)

Take advantage of analytics and measure growth. (Observe how your children thrive and mature at every age.)

Optimize your content to generate leads and push sales. (Push your kids towards independence, adulthood, and being a contributing member of society.)

Adapt continually to reach the right people at the right time and in the right place. (Never stop loving, helping or parenting your little ones.)

They will always be your kids.

Your children will grow from babies to toddlers to children to tweens to teens and eventually adults, but they will always stay your child. Your content will always be your baby, even as it ages. The process, similar to parenthood, is never finished. It’s worth it to watch your children grow up, and it’s a proud moment to see your content boost your company’s revenue!

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