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Your Daily Social Media Checklist


your daily social media checklist


Two-thirds of American adults are active on Facebook, and three-quarters of them use YouTube as well. Roughly 75% of social media users login to these platforms at least once a day. (Reference: Pew Research) Which means that your business should be active on social media every day to keep up with the trends of your consumers.

What are the appropriate tasks for your business to tackle each day on social media? Which ones can be done weekly, monthly or quarterly? To help clarify your to-do list, we’ve created a daily social media checklist.

Not only will this keep you organized and in communication with your customers, it will also unite your teams (marketing, sales, business, etc.), increase audience engagement, and demonstrate growth on various levels (think ROI, leads, customers, etc.)!

Engaging on social media is a daily habit for most people. Want to stay on top of the trends and continually interact with your followers? Here’s how to do that every 24 hours:

Daily #1: Respond.

It sounds simple enough. Check your notifications and respond to comments, mentions or messages. But people have begun to expect real-time responses, and that’s not always reasonable for businesses to accomplish.

Make it a top priority to respond to your customers daily. Perhaps it’s the first thing you do each morning, or the last thing you do before heading home. Need help? Don’t shy away from establishing a team for these tasks.

Daily #2: Company content.

55% of B2B buyers and 84% of CEO’s search social media for information before making decisions. Therefore, promoting your content on you channel is an urgent requirement!Stray away from the boring, repetitive advertisements. Develop a strategy that keeps it fresh. Try out one of these ideas:

  • Use simple language. Simplicity and clarity will get your posts noticed. Save your fancy lingo for other content areas.
  • Use future tense. It speaks hope and longevity to your client more than the present tense. “This will help you” is more compelling than “This could help you.”
  • Use active voice. This goes along with simple language. Passive voice causes your reader to work harder to comprehend the meaning. “I called a client.” (active) “The client was called by my boss.” (passive)
  • Use only the minimum. Woah, it’s not often that you read advice to get by with the bare minimum. With social media posts, don’t linger with unnecessary words (aka fluff).

Daily #3: Curate content.

Don’t oversell yourself. Pushy salesmen are just that - pushy. Offer your customers a balanced approach of curated, helpful content from relevant sites combined with your own promotions.

The general rule is 60/30/10. 60% from other trustworthy sites, 30% from your own site, and 10% promotional. Plus, 57% of B2B marketers agree that curating content is one of the best ways to consistently produce quality content.

P.S. Don’t forget to source your work. Mention them in your social media posts (@) to give them credit and market yourself to their established community.




Daily #4: Use a scheduler.

Your comprehensive social media marketing will require an editorial calendar, and a scheduler will be the key to remaining organized and on time.

Curious how often you should post on various platforms? Here’s what we recommend as an optimal schedule:

  • Post on Facebook once per day.
  • Share on Instagram once or twice a day.
  • Tweet up to 15 times a day.
  • Pin 11 pins on Pinterest daily.
  • Post no more than once a day LinkedIn. (Every other day is satisfactory.)

Daily #5: Get your employees involved.

Social media is a large task to undertake. Posts will fall through the cracks, replies will be delayed. Incentivize social media involvement and see if your employees take the bait. It will take participation and performance, but employees will typically help if their believe their efforts are appreciated.

Try offering monetary rewards, fun activities or employee recognition for those staff members who actively participate in your social media marketing.

Daily #6: Watch your competitors.

This is your chance to be the investigator that you’ve always dreamed of! Monitor what others are doing in your industry. Note their successes and failures. Try to copy what they are doing well with your own brand or business twist. Catch their mistakes and your lottery ticket. Fill in their missing gaps or expand in the areas they are lacking.

Daily #7: Stay up-to-date.

Social media and marketing are fluctuating daily in this fast-paced world. New things are released frequently and old things are made obsolete as time passes. How can you keep up? MindShift suggests these ideas:

  • Turn on the alerts. Get instant notifications for your social media accounts so you can reply in a timely manner.
  • Join groups. Share your ideas and support other in your industry (while also appealing to their audience) via countless digital or local groups.
  • Go to conferences. The world wide web is vast and deep, but it doesn’t always compensate for interpersonal relationships. Going to conferences provides human interactions for building contacts, expanding your skills, learning new technologies, and broadening your marketing ideas.
  • Continue learning. Attending conferences is one way to keep learning, and so is listening to podcasts. Learn from the industry giants and find out what your customers are really looking for.

Once you have accomplished your daily social media checklist, check back in for our weekly, monthly and quarterly social media checklists!

Are you discovering that you need assistance crafting, implementing and analyzing your social media strategy? Our MindShift experts are here to help! Not only can we personalize your social media checklists, we will walk you through each step of the process. Don’t delay another day, especially because you now know that the majority of Americans engage on these platforms daily!


Stay tuned for the upcoming weekly, monthly, and quarterly social media checklists!

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