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Your Monthly Social Media Checklist

This is part 3 in the 4 part series. Read the daily social media checklist and the weekly social media checklist, then stay tuned for the quarterly checklist too!

It’s easy to fall into the daily (or even weekly) rhythms of work. But it often feels like monthly routines fall by the wayside. Does your team have a solid monthly social media checklist? Is there an accountability system in place to ensure that your group accomplishes these tasks?

Since most social media users login to their accounts daily, it’s important to have a foundation of posting and interactive with your audience daily. In case you missed it, I recommend first reading our daily and weekly social media checklists. Although a monthly checklist is helpful, it will bear even more fruit if you’ve accomplished the items off of the first two lists. (P.S. The last installment in this series will be a quarterly checklist.)

Your daily and weekly consistency will be extra beneficial when it comes to monthly marketing. That established pattern means that your followers will view most of your posts building up to a climax, such as a webinar.

Monthly #1: Research, promote and build awareness toward events or webinars

Social media is a fantastic location to promote your next big event. The sooner you start advertising, the more you will boost awareness and increase participation. How do you begin such a huge task?

Graphics are a small investment that can spiral to a large impact. Consistency among your images will get your event recognized. Keep your style the same across social media posts, covers and ads.

Next, think up a personalized, short and memorable hashtag. This makes it convenient for people to follow your updates.

Why not offer a contest? Everyone wants free stuff! Using your graphic style and hashtag, host a giveaway. This encourages participation and gets people hyped for your upcoming event.

Don’t let the ending fizzle. After your event or webinar, share recap posts, photo collages, articles with key takeaways, and more. If someone couldn’t make it to your event, give them other avenues to watch or learn. Can they pay to view the videos? Should they subscribe to your blog?

Monthly #2: Test, measure, analyze, report, repeat.

In case you haven’t noticed, your job as a social media manager is nonstop, 24/7. Demonstrate your value to the company and the profits of ROI with the magic formula: test, measure, analyze, report, and repeat!

This is no small task on the monthly social media checklist, but it will reveal what’s working and what could be improved for better results. Focus on these areas:

  • Engagement. How many likes, comments, shares and clicks are your posts receiving? This reveals which content was valuable enough to elicit a response from your reader and if it actually provided value to your audience.
  • Conversion. Track your lead from the first time they discovered your social media, to when they became a prospect and eventually a client. This reveals how effective your social media campaigns are by how much revenue it’s generating.

Monthly #3: Look ahead to next month.

Ask yourself, “What is my manager looking for?” No matter the goal, be sure that you are aligning it to be a SMART goal.

It should be specific. Increasing followers is a broad goal, but increasing your followers by 10% is specific. You can make your existing goals more specific by asking:

  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • Why is this particular goal important or valuable?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where will this take place?
  • Which resources do I need to reach this goal?

The goal should also be measurable. After a social media marketing campaign, you should be able to say, “This campaign created X customers.” Without numerical data it’s difficult to envision success.

Next, make sure that your goals are attainable. Set your hopes high, reach for the stars, but don’t forget the constraints of resources or time. Accountability from your teammates or other team members is key in this area.

Is your goal relevant? Remember that goal you manager is after? Is that in line with your company’s broad outcomes or overall marketing strategy?

Your goal should be time-bound. Is this an urgent and important task, or urgent and unimportant? Your goal needs a firm deadline, a date that you’re building towards. This prioritizes it among your other items of work and separates trivial versus meaningful projects.

Only three items on the monthly social media to-do list? Yes, only three - but don’t be fooled! These three tasks are larger than a five minute decision. They each involve vision toward the future, an understanding of your company’s overall goals, and reflection over the past (successes and failures). Take the time to check off these three boxes each month. Doing so will produce more growth than you can imagine!

Find yourself overwhelmed by the broad scope of these monthly social media checklist items? Our MindShift Agency experts can help you achieve these tasks, as well as the daily and monthly items that complete a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Your leads and prospects flip through social media platforms on a daily basis. Make sure you’re gaining their attention and inviting them into the opportunities that your company has to offer! Fill out the form below to partner with us on your journey1

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