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Your Quarterly Social Media Checklist


Social media should be a weekly, if not daily, habit for your business. It’s natural for social media marketers to live on a day-to-day basis. But having a grander vision and broader goals will allow your social media to flourish, and therefore your company will gain more leads who become customers.

The first three blogs in this series presented your daily, weekly and monthly social media checklist. Be sure to read those first so you can build your strategy from the foundation up. This article about a quarterly checklist is like the roof, the icing on top. It drives your 10,000 foot view of your social media strategy while also presenting the impactful details from on the ground.

Quarterly #1: Analyze and realign with your social strategy.

After a few months, it’s easy to for your social media to get slightly off the main path. Although the content is excellent and you’re seeing results, are you ultimately trekking closer to your goals?

Revisit your social media marketing strategy and check back in on your overall goals. Here’s a few specific areas to look at on your quarterly checklist:

    • Content. Which pieces have performed best over the past quarter? What makes those pieces successful? Consider hashtags, keywords, trending topics, and even style of content (video, infographic, article, etc.).
    • Posting time. Social media fanatics people are active on social media platforms all hours of the day and night. But when are your followers online? Discover which times and days get the most traction. Weekends or weekdays? Mornings, lunch breaks, or bedtime?
    • Audience. You have a buyer persona in mind when you’re doing social media marketing. Is that ideal person who is actually following and engaging with you? Reassess your audience so you can personalize your language, tone and images to suit those individuals.
Quarterly #2: Recycle your evergreen social media content.

Evergreen content is always relevant, just like a tree that remains green all year round. This type of content doesn’t go out of style or fall away from the trends. These valuable ideas, tips and tricks are worth sharing with your audience.

It can take such a large amount of time to constantly be creating new content...some may even call it a waste. Make the smart choice to recycle your popular evergreen social media content into other areas such as blogs or podcasts.

Quarterly #3: Change your cover images.

A first impressions can last for a lifetime. When individuals first look at your social media profile, they will look at your profile picture and cover images. Changing it frequently keeps your business fresh and relevant to followers.

This is also the perfect place to display celebrations! Things like events, new products, special deals or holiday spirit fall into that category.

Don’t have a graphic designer? No worries! The MindShift team uses Canva, a designing tool with oodles of free templates. Still need some assistance making worthy images? Their blog offers helping tips for any question you may have.

Quarterly #4: Share your results.

Show, not tell (contrary to your kindergarten class). Show your superiors the results instead of telling them. You’re the social media advocate within your organization so highlight the growth and value to your directors.

Although your followers, likes and shares may be impressive, you’re managers will desire more. Show them how these areas of improvement impact leads, push people through the sales funnel, and ultimately gain your company a new client.

Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist

Ta-da! Was this social media checklist series as intense as you expected? Hopefully not.

The MindShift Agency is centered around helping our clients make a positive mind shift toward positive growth (instead of remaining stagnant with the same ol’ same ol’ social media posts). Does your team need a mind shift? Is your company attempting to use social media as a tool to attract more leads and gain more clients? Contact us today using the form below! Let’s partner together to make a positive shift toward your goals.

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